Medical Laboratory Science

University of Cincinnati’s Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science distance learning program is designed for working Clinical Laboratory Technicians (CLTs) and Medical Laboratory Technicians (MLTs) who hold an associate degree from a NAACLS* accredited CLT/MLT program or equivalent coursework and CLT/MLT certification. Completion of this degree prepares you for the Board of Certification (BOC) exam sponsored by the American Society for Clinical Pathology for the Medical Laboratory Scientist, MLS (ASCP) credential.

Students in the distance learning program earn the same degree as on-campus students. All courses are developed and taught by highly qualified faculty.

Graduates of the UC MLS program consistently perform higher than the national average on the American Society for Clinical Pathology’s Board of Certification Exam in MLS.

ASCP BOC Pass Rates

2013 2014 2015
UC MLS** 94.44% 88.57% 91.04%
National Average 83.88% 84.47% 78.85%

UC’s MLS Graduation Rate**

2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
Graduation Rate*** 75.70% 79.40% 85.10%

UC’s MLS Placement Rate**

2013-2014 2014-2015 2015-2016
Placement Rate 97.80% 98.20% 96.90%

**Includes on campus BS, online BS and on campus certificate tracks.
***As calculated by NAACLS guidelines based on students graduating that began the second half of the program

Note: Individual states may have different regulations on state certification or licensure eligibility. Every prospective student should review his or her state’s requirements prior to enrolling in a program and consult the appropriate state office.

*The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS); 5600 N. River Rd. Suite 720, Rosemont, IL 60018-5119; Phone: 773-714-8880; Fax: 773-714-8886;;

Medical Laboratory Science Degree Overview

The Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory Science program is designed to complement the lifestyle of busy working professionals.

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Online Medical Laboratory Science Program Objectives

The distance learning MLS program can prepare you to meet or exceed the entry level competencies of a Medical Laboratory Scientist.

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Medical Laboratory Science Degree FAQs

Read the most commonly asked questions and answers about the online Medical Laboratory Science program — from computer requirements, to workload, to balancing your other responsibilities.

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All courses are developed and taught by highly experienced faculty, and you’ll receive the same degree as students who attend classes on UC’s campus.

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Learn from credentialed Medical Laboratory Science program faculty who have a strong commitment to the success of their students.

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17 Responses to “Medical Laboratory Science”

  1. Vinu says:

    Do you give scholarship?

  2. Vinu says:

    what are the pre-requisites to take before admitting into the program.

    • Nayna Singh says:

      You must have an Associates of Science degree specifically in Medical Laboratory Technology to be eligible to apply. There are no other prerequisites. You will be eligible to apply as long as you can obtain this degree.

  3. thinhtran says:

    I will hold a MLT degree in this September, and i am an international student, is it ok for me to apply?

    • Nayna Singh says:

      Hello, thank you for your question. You must first have your international transcripts evaluated using World Education Services ( This evaluation must verify that you have your AS degree in MLT. Once this is verified you can continue with the application process. For additional information, please contact me at 800-556-4280.

  4. AMBER says:


    • Hi Amber, thank you for your questions. If you’re an MLT who works directly in the field, we advise that you check with your employer to verify if they will allow you to complete your clinicals with them. Each state has their own state requirements and you must check the state board of California for additional information. For further details regarding our program, please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 800-556-4280. Thanks.

      • Amber says:

        I just attended a webinar today about the MLT profession and knowing I specifically asked: Does the State of CA recognize the route of an ASCP MLT getting a BS degree with more lab training and passing the MLS ASCP exam and the answer is NO not at this time. There is a new set of regulations being developed that will be released this summer for comment about using this route for licensure in CA, but as of today, you still must take a year’s CLS training program to be eligible to become a licensed CLS in CA.

  5. Nichole says:

    I will soon have my AS degree in MLT, I was wondering is the tuition 27,900 for the whole duration or per year(I live in RI)?

    • Nayna Singh says:

      Hi Nichole, thank you for your question.The entire cost of the program is $27,900 for all 7 semesters. Books are not included and will cost about $100-$200 per semester. Since it is an online program, out of state fees are not that much higher. Ohio residents pay $450 per credit hour and out of state fees are $465 per credit hour. The deadline for the Fall semester is June 24, 2013. For additional information, please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 800-556-4280.

  6. emile shuyeh says:

    can international student study in your institude and is there scholaships

    • Hi Emile,
      First you will need to have your international transcripts evaluated by World Education Services ( If your evaluation results show that you have what is equivalent to a AS degree in MLT here in the U.S., then you will be eligible to apply for our program.

      UC offers a number of scholarships to help students meet their financial requirements. For additional information, please visit Student Financial Aid at

      For further assistance, please contact an Enrollment Advisor at 800-556-4280.

  7. Katie says:

    I have a B.S. in microbiology from OSU. Am I eligible to apply?

    • Hi Katie,
      At this time we do not offer a track for someone who already holds a bachelor’s degree in another field. We hope to offer more program options in the near future. Our current bachelor’s completion program is designed for CLT/MLTs who’ve successfully completed an associate’s degree in MLT/CLT from a NAACLS accredited program. Feel free to check out for additional programs. If you need assistance, please feel free to contact an Enrollment Advisor at 800-556-4280. Thank you

  8. amir says:

    I have an associates in lab Sciences and MLT as well as a BS in Biology. how many classes will i have to take to get the degree.

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